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COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test – GREEN SPRING® 25-pack – TOP 10 best tests

25 Piece

SKU: 4335-25EAN: 4250415678417

suitable for detection of Omicron and other mutations

4 sampling methods
● Saliva (lolly test) – especially suitable for children!
● Anterio-nasal swab (nose in front)
● Nasopharyngeal swab (nose and throat)
● Oropharyngeal swab (mouth-throat)
sensitivity 96,77% und specificity 100,00%

fast and reliable test results in only 15 minutes

● BfArM listet (BfArM-Test-ID: AT1188/21)
● Paul-Ehrlich-Institut proof
● HSC common list (Device-ID: 2109)
● PZN: 17394138

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