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Applicable objects:

1 Men and women of different physiological conditions, often resulting in male and female orgasm at different times, this time as a prelude or after sex joyous joyous party also get enough of assistive devices to make sex life as far as possible simultaneously to achieve perfect harmony;
2 the couple separated in two places, a strong sexual desire for men, elderly men and women decreased sexual function and long-term living without the law an obstacle to the husband and wife;
3 Modernist long celibate men, durability lonely, and those who do not want to casually heterosexual relationship;
4 Men's frigidity, lack of orgasm or sexual excitement, sexual desire is too strong a person of extreme sexual function;
5 afraid of an infectious agent, AIDS, sexual impulse control ability of the weaker, recommended danger.
6 impotence, premature ejaculation and other male sexual dysfunction;
7 adjust the endocrine, solve pimple face due to endocrine disorder that caused the root causes, the skin is not dressed the phenomenon of after use radiant beauty  to play a windfall