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Lucy Heart - 158cm

Lucy Heart - 158cm

$980.00 $2,438.00

Special Lover Co.,Ltd Entity silicone doll is made of high quality silicone, can be placed inside a set designed by the human body model skeleton, can pose, and have limbs can move freely, the skin soft and elastic, vivid expression, self make-up, texture closer to the real feeling. Make dressing easier and physical display, and flexible.

Lucy Heart - Ass fucked! She 158cm has a very abundant breast allows you to caress, Let you to enjoy sexual pleasure; white skin,blue eyes, small nose, soft blond hair,slim waist, not let your heart; virtual skin refining the vagina and anus (vagina and anus for the split design, so you soothe! you can either install them to use female Lang who can also be used alone.

1, aluminum alloy skeleton, can pose can be positioned;
2, no skeleton can not locate pose. Doll arms and legs should be in the range of 40 degrees activity, size and big leg moveable arm within 90 degrees.

1, the doll is available detergent, should flutter powder after cleaning.

2, the baby should be stored flat, folded place for too long.

Lower chest:64cm(E cup)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review

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