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Lincoln Park company unveils Roxxxy, 'world's first sex robot'

"This is the future" ... inventor Doug Hines with his sex robot, "Roxxxy".

Women are great and everything, except for the fact that they have their own opinions and desires. Luckily, American inventor Doug Hines has found a way around that with Roxxxy, the world's first sex robot.
Inert as she is, Roxxxy comes off as the most sympathetic character in this bizarre documentary, which follows three robot fetishists in their quest for cyborg love, including Delosian (''Robots don't break your heart''), Kaizo and Edward, who has a perfectly normal (i.e. real) girlfriend who he wants to make more robot-like.
Could Roxxxy (RRP: $US7000) be the answer to their prayers? After all, she has ''multiple points of movement'' - the eyebrows, the eyelids. She even shudders to simulate orgasm, an interesting yet largely redundant feature given that any guy willing to spend $7000 to have sex with a bit of plastic is not going to care if it has an orgasm. Oh, and she also has very large, very erotic tongue.

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