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Virgin Complex

Virgin Complex

Virgin Complex

If you have a virgin complex. Make sure you are the first to have her !

Virgin Complex means men hope to find a virgin for his wife, this idea has a long history in China, the ancient people believed virginity virgin equivalent Ming Festival, is the condition the woman innocent respected, when the men want to be the sole owner this woman who, to show the power, the mental accounts above. In the "Book of Changes" Gua gradually, the Virgin is one of the conditions of marriage, representing the wife of her husband's loyalty, devotion to family.

Virgin affection knot more from psychological factors, but in social change, modern man has no ancient as persistent, and modern Western culture has changed the thinking, twenty-three-year-old virgin, then it will be some people, as the as a problem. But no matter, the West, and now someone will still focus on this aspect, if not with a virgin marry, there will always be a scar in the heart.

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