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逆光攝影技巧 Backlit photography tips

逆光攝影技巧 Backlit photography tips




拍攝人像要盡量避開正午的陽光直射、拍攝夜景最好是利用Magic Hour的黃金一小時,這些都是在無數次拍攝後的經驗之談,錯過了最佳的拍攝時段,陽光的色溫、角度都會有很大不同,得到精彩照片的概率也就相對難一些了。不過事事無絕對,有時候正當你覺得陽光相當不適合拍攝,準備收起相機的時候,卻可以得到一些你意想不到的效果。

Backlit photography tips

Photography is the art of light, characteristic of the light into many aspects of brightness, light quality, light place, light type. For the average amateur, the daily shooting is probably the most experienced natural light, with a daylight shooting of pros and cons, powerful luminosity can guarantee a sufficient color performance, but if you need a specific light color, light position requires Choosing the right time to shoot. Especially like shooting landscapes friends will understand, often wait time than taken to pay more.

Portraits taken to try to avoid the midday sunshine, the best shooting night Magic Hour is the use of gold for an hour, these are the voice of experience many times after the shooting, missed the best time of the shooting, the color temperature of the sun's angle We will have a very different probabilities will get great pictures of some of the relatively difficult. But everything is absolutely free, and sometimes just when you think the sun is quite unsuitable for the shooting, when ready to put away the camera, but you can get some unexpected results.

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